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On This Day in History

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1077German KingHenry IVpetitions Pope Gregory VII for forgiveness

1276French Cardinal Pierre de Tarantaise elected head of the Catholic Church, takes the name of Pope Innocent V

1287The treaty of San Agayz is signed. Minorca is conquered by King Alfons III of Aragon.

1324Zen Buddhist religious debate between Tendai & Shingon

1522Head inquisitor Adrian Florisz Boeyens elected pope

1525Swiss Anabaptist Movement is born when Conrad Grebel, Felix Manz, George Blaurock, and a dozen others baptize each other in the home of Manzs mother in Zrich, breaking a thousand-year tradition of church-state union

1542English Parliament passes bill of attainder against Queen Katherine Howard

1549Act of Uniformity passed by the English Parliament requiring clergy use The Book of Common Prayer

My Name is Jimmy Carter and Im Running for President

Jimmy Carter is a one-term President but a man who worked tirelessly through a long life to help others and to end conflicts. He won the Nobel Peace Prize.

First-time visitors to London could be surprised when they see an Egyptian obelisk standing beside the River Thames. It was welcomed to the city on this day.

The British: 139. Zulu Warriors: 4,000. Let Battle Begin

It was one of the most remarkable military engagements ever: the day that 139 British soldiers took on 4,000 Zulu warriors and won.

Pitman Shorthand: An Invention of Note

Shorthand inventor Isaac Pitman died on this day. Other systems evolved before and after Pitman, but the long and short of it is, his is the most widespread.

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